It’s time for people in Oxford to act together to #Standup4Renters and spread the word that NO PERSON CAN BE EVICTED during Covid. Here are 3 things you can do.

Whilst the Coronavirus is affecting all of Oxford, it is the most vulnerable that are suffering most, and many of these are renters. This crisis started long before Wuhan, in austerity politics of the conservative government and the systematic undermining of low-income and precariously housed peoples ability to recover from such a blow.

If you’re renting and affected by Covid-19, check out our renters resources page.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are working to raise the voices of renters, to fight for better protections, and to lay the groundwork for short-term interventions to become long-term policy changes for a fairer and more affordable rent in Oxford.

Thanks to Nor for making this amazing piece in honour of our #standup4renters campaign, you’ll find more of her work on

What are we trying to do? 


Build a renters rights movement in Oxford, a network of mutual aid and solidarity which can support renters in Oxford to weather the storm of the Coronavirus and it’s long term impacts.


Lay the ground for short-term measures brought about in response to the Coronavirus to become long-term legislation to make renting in Oxford more secure and truly affordable for all.


Improve awareness of the issues around renting in Oxford.

How are we doing it?

Providing support & solidarity

to people who are renting and in immediate danger of losing their home. We do this through effective signposting, advice and guidance via a network of expertise, kindness, and collective action.

Movement & union building.

Covid-19 is shining a spotlight on housing inequality in Oxford. We’re working to build a renter-led movement in Oxford to fight for better protection for renters during the pandemic  and for a fairer, affordable and safer rental market following the public health crisis.

Campaigning, lobbying & awareness raising. 

Our initial focus was on joining a national call for a halt to evictions, a freeze in rents and a raising of housing benefit. Our current focus is on enforcement of the eviction ban via the ‘No Renter Should Lose Their Home as a Result of COVID-19’ message. Our next focus is likely to be around a halt to all rents, rent strikes,  and building public support for the idea of longterm rent controls.

Our campaigning is likely to include targeted campaigns against key players; Oxford City Council, letting agencies, and landlords.

Our current tactics for this are open letters, awareness raising via social media and digital print, and creating digital spaces for renter solidarity where we collect and publicise the experiences of renters in Oxford. Future tactics are likely to include publicised collective actions (including eviction resistance) and digital picketing.

We’re open to everyone and we’re always looking for new members, if you’d like to help to do this, then get involved!

Tell us how we can help!

Tell us how COVID-19 is affecting your housing situation, what challenges you’re facing and what would make your situation easier.
Send us a message, post a video or a written post to our Facebook page or tag us on Twitter.

We are demanding:

  • Rent Holidays for all renters
  • A halt to all evictions
  • Adequate protections for low-income renters and those living in shared accommodation to stay home wherever necessary.

Renters in Oxford are being forced to make potentially lethal decisions between public safety and keeping their homes. Tell us how we can help.