It’s time for people in Oxford to act together to #Standup4Renters and spread the word that NO PERSON CAN BE EVICTED during Covid-19. Even though an eviction ban exists, we are hearing from renters across Oxford that they are being asked to leave their homes, illegally.

Here are 3 ways you can #STANDUP4RENTERS:

  1. Use our Template letter to contact the Oxford City Council demanding:
    • Enforcement of the eviction ban
    • They lead by example and offer Council tenants rent holidays to prevent arrears from building up
    • They use their powers to ensure private landlords are acting in accordance with the draft Coronavirus Act 2020
    • They add their voice to the national call for rent holidays, protection for lodgers, and action to prevent rent-hikes following the crisis.

  • If you’re a landlord, proactively reach out to your tenants to offer them a rent reduction or suspension of rent payments during Covid-19. This will reduce stress and anxiety and allow people to make decisions based purely on public health, while not landing them in rent arrears due to loss of income.

  • Join us in building a renters rights movement in Oxford. We meet weekly at 6pm on Mondays via Zoom and everyone is welcome.

#NoEvictions  #StandUp4Renters  #EndSection21  #StayAtHome  #RentIsEverbodysProblem #C19RentCrisis

Are you renting and in need of help now?

If you are served an eviction notice during the Covid-19 pandemic, you have the legal right to remain in your home and do not need to leave at this time.

If you are in imminent danger and your safety is threatened, call 999.

If your landlord is threatening eviction, call Oxford City’s Tenancy Support on 01865 252267 and get in touch with us. For more information on your rights as a tenant and what to do if you are facing eviction, visit our Renters’ Resources page.