👋 We are a group of concerned citizens building a mutual support network and space for renters in Oxford, the least affordable city in the UK.

🤝 We are coming together as tenants to collectively organise and to defend our rights.

✊ Here are different ways in which you can play your part.

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Join our meetings

Our Open Meetings are for everyone, whether you’re facing eviction, sick of paying too much for rubbish housing, or wanting to work in solidarity with those struggling as a result of renting.

At the meetings, we aim to identify common problems and struggles, and form specific working groups to tackle them. The meeting is for all tenants to get involved, participate and contribute, to make our voices heard and respected!

Join the us for an Open Meeting on Zoom on Mondays at 6pm to discuss how COVID-19 is affecting renters in Oxford and what we should do about it.

Join the meeting using this zoom link at 6pm or dial in using our meeting ID 889 0462 6597 and one of the following numbers: +44 330 088 5830, +44 131 460 1196, +44 203 481 5237, +44 203 481 5240, +44 208 080 6591, +44 208 080 6592.

Have you got energy to put into a project and/or specific skills?

We’re always on the look out for help. Everyone’s got skills they can bring to the movement. We always need more organising capacity, as well as people with more specific skills like people with knowledge of the law, artistic skills such as graphic design and illustration, facilitation skills etc.

Please get in touch if you’re interested!

Participate to our campaigns

Other ways you can help

  1. Follow us on facebook or twitter
  2. Share our resources & campaigns
  3. Sign up to our mailing list to get general news from the group, the meetings and ongoing campaigns in Oxford and in the wider renters’ movement
  4. Share your story
    Following intentions of support for renters from both Central Government and Oxford City Council, we want to hear from people who are renting in Oxford about what they are facing. Our aim is to build a clearer picture of the situation in order to lobby local and national government on behalf of renters for adequate support, and end to all evictions and an extended rent freeze.
  5. Sign up to the renter manifesto
  6. Review your landlord, letting agent and rental property on Marks out of Tenancy to help make the market more transparent
  7. Sign the petition to demand protection for renters